→ How the battle of Amarinder-Sidhu has kept Punjab Cong boiling – Review

Festive Veteran and CM Amarinder Singh or Stormy Petrel and Former Indian Cricket Navjot Singh Sidhu? Congress is seemingly torn between the two political poles of the party’s Punjab unit. Especially when the state is going to vote in the House of Representatives early next year, the party needs to get its action together if it wants to hold on to power. Some commentators say future polls may be the cause of the current crisis as state leaders seek to secure a position to secure their interests when ballots are distributed. Here is everything you need to know about the problems of the Punjab Congress.

Why is Sidhu unhappy?

The case of Guru Granth Sahib’s sacrilege, which shook Punjab in 2015 and was seen as a key reason for the overthrow of Shiromani Akali Dali (SAD) in the 2017 polls, can be seen as an immediate trigger for spitting in Congress.

In April this year, the Punjab and Haryana Supreme Court had thrown a report on a case in which police shot people protesting a sacred text sacred legion in the city of Kotkapura in 2015 while the SAD government led by Parkash Singh Badal was in power for a year. state.

In order to annul the report of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by the government of Amarinder Singh, HC had requested the establishment of a new team. Undoubtedly an emotional issue in Punjab, the congressional government’s failure to get the culprits to record provoked new controversy. Sidhu struck in response to HC’s order against his own party and demanded that the SIT report be made public amid allegations that Amarinder was protecting the Badales.

However, Sidhu’s dissatisfaction with Amarinder is underlying. In 2019, Sidhu had given up the Punjab cabinet on his wife’s election ticket issues and the CM’s decision to take him out of the portfolio of the local government and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Although Amarinder had said at the time that Sidhun was to get a key portfolio in cabinet reform, a politician who became a cricket decided to resign from the government. What had raised eyebrows at the time was his attempt to send a letter of resignation to Rahul Gandhi.

What feeds the turmoil inside?

The disagreements sent by Sidhu, which was sent by Sidhu over HC Kotkapura’s gunfire, soon gathered more strength as state congressional leaders expressed anger at several other factors as the government struggled with the Covid-19 crisis while state farmers were running. war against the Centre’s controversial farm laws.

According to reports, nearly 40 congressional MLAs in the state – half of the party’s Punjab Assembly total – told the congressional high commander that not everyone was present and people were dissatisfied with Amarinder Singh’s government on issues such as failure to close the sacrilege and shooting and inability to restrain.

Sidhu has openly accused Amarinder of being hand-handed with Badals and that the CM did not take into account his party’s MLA. On May 9, in a tweet, he said: « The MLA’s consensus, Badal Sarkar rules instead of the Congressional government … The bureaucracy and police act according to the wishes of the Badal family, more often than listening to the MLA and party workers. For the continued supervision of the Raj. « 

According to reports, sections of the MLA in the Punjab Congress have also complained to the party’s top group about what they claim to be Amarinder’s high-ranking attitude towards younger colleagues. In addition, complaints against CM have also concerned alleged activities of land, sand, drugs, cables and illegal mafias in the state.

Where does the high command stand?

Amid the brewing problems of its Punjab networks, Congress set up a three-member committee chaired by senior director Mallikarjun Kharge to submit a report on the crisis. The panel has reportedly met with the CM and all MLAs in the Punjab Congress before submitting this report this week to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

The perception of political circles and commentators is that Punjab represents the best contribution of Congress in next year’s election. The other four states – UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa – do not paint the outlook for Punjab. When the farm protests are deemed to have paid for the BJP’s chances and the SAD is apparently in a separate state, the state loses by Congress as the novice AAP appears to be its strongest opponent in the polling arena.

At this point, the internal battle is the last thing the high command wants, but here commentators point out that Sidhu may experience intimacy with Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, which may have added a new layer to the crisis. One of the solutions speculated in the media is to reform the cabinet to return Sidhu to the board as an alternate CM. There is also talk of a change in the presidency of the Punjab Congress by mixing Sunil Jakhar.

But while a change of government and party groups can be seen as a tactic to expel all anti-incumbency before the vote, experts also view that the party could suffer from the election if Amarinder is completely sidelined.

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→ How the battle of Amarinder-Sidhu has kept Punjab Cong boiling – Review
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