√ About three dozen people turned away from the Maui Drive-In Vaccination Clinic, were invited to return on Wednesday – Best price

Author: Wendy Osher

An estimated three dozen people in the 1B vaccination priority group were denied shooting at a clinic hosted by the Maui District Health Agency at the University of Hawaii at the University of Maui on Monday due to confusion over registration procedures. groupings and differences in where the extended service is provided.

Of the 750 people who appeared at the clinic, Maui District Health Officer Dr. Lorrin Pang said 90 percent were from outside the clinic’s priority group, which was still trying to get vaccinated by Priority 1A (which includes health) nursing staff and long-term care residents).

Dr. Lorrin Pang, Maui District Health Officer, will discuss vaccine distribution plans during a clinic set up for the first respondent at the University of Hawaii at the University of Hawaii. PC: Wendy Osher (file 12.23.20)

The site had begun vaccinating first-aid recipients (belonging to Group 1B) two days before Christmas when supplies became available, but did not expect the rush of people who appeared on Monday – what he called a « massive crowd. » which included other Class 1Bs, such as young teachers, grocery workers, and independent residents aged 75 and older who were not affiliated with the congregation.

Earlier this week, Governor David Ige had announced that in addition to Stage 1A, the state will speed up the distribution of vaccines to Stage 1B patients. Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Josh Green had predicted the second week of January would be a time when the federal government and their supply chain could provide Hawaii with more vaccines in transition, and encouraged those eligible to follow the state’s hawaiicovid19.com website for registration updates.


Meanwhile, a separate clinic hosted by Maui Health at Maui Memorial Medical Center was ready to move forward and had expanded its clinic on Friday to include vaccinations for Hawaiian residents who are on CDC-identified Phase 1A and Phase 1B vaccination prioritization schedules.


As the hospital expanded its offering, registration instructions were provided, including requesting a meeting on the CDC’s VAMS website (a process published on our own Maui Now website).

But many of those who enrolled ended up at the check-in clinic instead of the hospital.

Dr. Pang said the UHMC’s Maui District Health Bureau clinic left its site open on the VAMS platform with the intent of satisfying some of Group 1A’s 140 “embarrassments” that had not yet been vaccinated. Doing so was intended to provide an opportunity for these individuals to get the vaccine if they changed their mind.


“But low and look, we left ourselves a little vulnerable,” Dr. Pang noted that there were other unexpected problems under the platform. He said a California woman who had registered in the state and applied for the vaccine here was able to get a dose from the Maui run-in area.

According to him, the problem seems to be that once you have registered with VAMS, you can request shots anywhere.

“I’m just asking the CDC to have a little awareness that I’m trying to keep my shots,” he said to people in higher priority groups. « They’re elderly alone, not tech savvy. And when you let other people in, they just grant it and take up space, » Dr. Pang said.

Maui Mayor Michael Victorino said individuals who qualify for the hospital’s extended service for Group 1B should select Maui Health or Maui Memorial Medical Center as sites for the time being under the VAMS system. In this way, they are directed to the hospital site instead of the driving position maintained by the UHMC Maui District Health Agency, which is still focused on the elderly in congregations, health care workers who are not connected to the hospital, and first the respondents.

« The CDC has made some changes to its guidelines, and I think this is causing confusion there. So I’m not blaming Dr. Pang, I’m not even blaming people. Other sources have made it a little more confusing if you want to use that term, » said Mayor Victorino.

Five and a half hours driving clinic instead of the vaccinated individual doctor 450-500 Pang said that on Monday was allowed to approximately 750 doses. He remained optimistic, saying it is possible to double the amount in one day if he has a new team and if there is enough need available. But that was not the case on Monday.

« So it was a little scary, and I apologize for the few dozen we turned away. We thought we couldn’t handle it. It was way too much. Then my team (said): ‘Go into it. Cover them all.’ So we did, » Dr. Pang said . Three dozen who turned away, he said, could return on Wednesday as a change.

He also said that while there were enough vaccines, not “enough enough port-a-pots and toilets,” he pointed out that university volunteers were improvising by transporting seniors to residents to campus fixed bathrooms. He also thanked the Imua Family Services volunteers and members of the National Guard, who controlled the traffic and have been involved in the activities from the beginning.

“Having said all that, Dr. Pang and I, the state, the Ministry of Health and the medical providers there are working really hard to get the vaccine,” said Mayor Victorino, “Because he (Dr. Pang) is going to tell you, the more vaccines we get, the faster our cases start to reduce. « I’m not saying it will end, but it will come down. »

« I think we have a mindset. I want people to hear that we try really hard to get as many vaccines as we can get for you and your arms … but I say if there is a disorder like any other system, please be patient and don’t worry « We will work as quickly as possible, » said Mayor Victorino.

Meanwhile, 2,000 more doses arrived at the Maui District Health Bureau on Monday.

« So having said that, I ask everyone to get 1A and everyone else who has (appeared) until Wednesday to come do it. Come on Friday, hopefully we can start working on 1B and do it right, » said Mayor Victorino.

“And then in the meantime, if you’re enrolling in the health care system, you’re going to the hospital – not Dr. Pang’s university website – so we don’t have that confusion,” he said.

“I ask everyone to work with it, let’s be patient, and get it right,” Mayor Victorino said.

Maui County police, firefighters, paramedics and paramedic technicians received vaccines at the University of Hawaii’s Maui University Clinic before Christmas. It was the same site that saw confused registration, priority groupings and differences in services offered at different clinics amid traffic on Monday. PC: Wendy Osher (12.23.20)

√ About three dozen people turned away from the Maui Drive-In Vaccination Clinic, were invited to return on Wednesday – Best price
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