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This is a paid review sponsored by LogoMyWay.com

logomyway reviewBy now, you should’ve already realized that logo is probably the most important aspect of your design. Not only that it symbolizes your brand, but also it’s the first one that your audience see when they reach your site. So for a very small space, you already get to express what your site is all about.

One of the common mistakes that I see in most bloggers is that they don’t seem to place that much importance in investing a logo for their site. And much worse is that they don’t even think it’s a necessity for their blog! I know it has been emphasized a lot but Im going to repeat it again, having a high quality logo for your site is a must. That’s the big difference between someone who is serious in his online business from someone who’s not.

LogoMyWay.com Introduction

I was contacted  if I could take a look on the site LogoMyWay.com. The site is basically a crowdsourcing logo design marketplace that connects designers and business owners. Crowdsourcing here is the key. For a minimum of $200 you can get hundreds of talented designers all over the world to design a custom logo for your websites/blogs. The beauty of the crowdsourcing model is that you basically enjoy their concepts yet you’re not obligated to pay all of them. You will only pay the design that you want the most.

Going in depth, this is how the process go:

  1. You basically register with them first, then go on and submit your project description including all your requirements. this includes all the basic stuffs such as your site’s name, your slogan, preferred style, font and the color schemes.
  2. After that you specify the prize you’re willing to give to the winner (obviously the higher the better).
  3. Then your contest will go live, you’ll receive a ton of entries and the good thing is you could rank them up or completely ditch the ones that you don’t like. You could also make adjustments within your contest. If you feel something is lacking, you can elaborate your requirements more.
  4. After the contest ends you can basically pick your winner. The winner gets the money and you then receive Industry Standard Vector Logo Files that can be used in almost any application you choose. (Websites, T-Shirts, Mugs, Pens, Business Cards Etc.).

The process is pretty simple and logomyway handles everything reliably. So far I haven’t really seen or heard any problems about them.

Crowdsourcing vs the Traditional Design Process

I am fortunate enough to have my own sets of designers who do this work for me so I really haven’t done any logo contests projects before. But if you’re starting out from scratch, meaning you don’t have any connection, it would be a little bit tough to find a designer willing to do work for you. In fact, most of the designers that you can find through forums are the crappy ones as most of the premium ones aren’t usually available for work. Another downside is the high cost.

Crowdsourcing on the other hand is perfect especially if you are looking to get as much ideas as possible. And the great thing about it is you’re not committed to pay those people to take time and do designs for you. You just pay the best design, no questions asked. I’d highly recommend this model to you especially if you’re starting from nothing and have no connections at all.

Final Thoughts On LogoMyWay

Overall I can say LogoMyWay.com is a pretty decent crowdsourcing site. The only other site that I see competing against them is 99designs.com w/c is more established due to the fact that it has been in the business for a long time.

The one key advantage that I see in using this logo design company is that it solely focuses on logo and for me it’s always a plus to be with a company that specializes in only ONE thing.

In terms of quality of logos, just by browsing the current logo contests you can rest assure that the designers participating there are top-notch designers and that would be evident with the logo entries.

What do you think guys? Have you ever had any experience (both good and bad) with LogoMyWay? I know the owner would be very happy to get your insights about them by using the comment form.

√ LogoMyWay.com Review – Demo
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