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Inbox categorization

Benefit from Reply’s AI-backed algorithm that automatically categorizes your replies.
Emails are sorted into six default categories: Interested, Not Interested, Not Now, Do Not Contact, Forwarded

Use the ‘interested’ category to focus on conversations with your hottest leads or build your custom workflow. Our AI-backed algorithm is proven to deliver +90% accuracy for correct categorization.

Example input json

	"ReplyTextBody": "Hi KathyrnYou can call me tomorrow Friday or over the weekend..rnrnKind regards,rnJuliernJULIE ...",
	"ReplySubject": "meeting request: julie + kathy",
	"SentEmailBody": "Hi Julie, 

Wanted to reach out to you as I know there is a lot of change happening in the market and specifically at Pacific Union.

Iu2019ve been through these transitions before and know they can lead to tremendous opportunities for agents affiliated with a stable, nationally recognized brand who has proven plans in place to grow their business.

We are currently looking to add a few select agents to our Los Angeles office and thought you may be a good fit.

Do you have time for a quick call later this week to discuss?", "SentEmailsDate": "2018-08-12 11:29:33", "ReplyDate": "2018-09-27 22:58:49"


	"InboxCategory": "interested"

√ Reply AI Labs – Fees
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