√ Robert Dollwet aka Catmantoo reveals how you can teach your cat tricks – Fees

He’s an expert on all things animals.

Robert Dollwet started out training police dogs before before making the switch to feline friends – and now his cats hold Guinness World Records.

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Posting videos online under the moniker Catmantoo, the adopted cats have racked up over a million followers – and they know all the tricks of the trade.

Robert’s cat Didga earned a Guinness World Record for skateboarding through the longest tunnel of human legs – and a lot of training went into that performance.

« Not only did I have to teach each individual trick, but then we had to do them all together, » Dollwet said.

« She had to do 24 tricks without a break. This took about three months of conditioning her that exact thing.

« It’s just a matter of putting in the time – and having a lot of patience. »

Dogs vs cats

« With dogs, we know we have to break things down into baby steps, » Dollwet said.

« With cats, you need to break things down into micro baby steps, and have a lot of patience and food reinforcement.

« You have to have the right timing. Timing is everything in animal training.

« Spend a little time before their actual meal to try and do a simple task – and with each day, it turns into a behaviour. »

Robert’s cats are also adopted – and he’s a strong advocate for the « adopt, don’t shop » message.

« I’ve been in the animal care business for over 35 years, » Dollwet said.

« There’s just so many unwanted animals out there. Fostering is a great way to test-drive, so to speak, an animal before you adopt it.

« I was fostering Bindi and her brother Jeb, and I’ve been fostering for five years – and these were the first ‘foster failures’, which meant I decided to adopt them.

« It’s important to get these animals that have no future a loving home. It just takes the right home. »

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√ Robert Dollwet aka Catmantoo reveals how you can teach your cat tricks – Fees
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