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Inspiring innovations

Innovation comes in many forms, and we’ve been inspired by our alums who’ve pivoted, and pulled off some pretty epic plans this year.

Virox Technologies, owned by President and Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business namesake Randy Pilon (Business ’82), was the first company to receive an investment from the Ontario Together Fund. The money enabled Virox to double its production of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) – a disinfectant that quickly kills the coronavirus.

Mechanical Engineering alums Hargurdeep Singh (Mechanical Engineering Design and Drafting Technology ’15) and Eyal Geiger (Mechanical Engineering Technology ’06), each used cutting-edge 3D printing tech to help create PPE for healthcare workers.

And at Wilcox Bodies Ltd, where David Dick (Law & Security ’94) is vice-president, the team shifted from ground support equipment for the airline industry to manufacture vehicles to clean and disinfect indoor and outdoor spaces, and medical products like mobile medical equipment tables, dirty linen carts, face shields and collapsible patient beds.

▷ Inspiring stories of 2020 — Ovation – Forum
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