▷ « We’re going right » – Fees

JACKSONVILLE – Josh Allen likes his situation.

It’s new and familiar at the same time. And it has the Jaguars defensive head excited about its third NFL season.

“I feel like we’re playing back to what got us here,” Allen said on Tuesday after the 8th exercise in 2021. Baptist Health introduced the activities of the organized team.

Allen, the Jaguars ’most common choice in the 2019 NFL Draft, spent his first two NFL seasons on the defensive end in a 4-3 defense. He and K’Lavon Chaisson, the first-round pick of 2020, are likely to play much more outside of the standup player in a system expected to emphasize 3-4 concepts ahead under new defense coordinator Joe Cullen.

It’s a movement that could benefit Allen, who played a standup defender extensively at the University of Kentucky – as well as Chaisson and veteran defending head Dawuane Smoot, who can all play stand-up after playing, mostly in the former system.

“We play what got us here, so to go back to habits, to go back to those traits, I feel like it’s a good sign for both – including Smoot,” Allen said. “I’m just excited to see that we put pillows on so we can really put it to use and do a lot of plays.

« We do all the plays as long as we all keep doing, no matter who we have there, we’re straight. »

Allen, who is expected to be the leader on the field and elsewhere this season, spoke extensively this week about a new era led by head coach Urban Meyer. He also talked about the defensive front seven, which needs to be dramatically improved against the run and as a bypass unit.

“Last year was last year,” Allen said. « We have a whole new team, we have a whole new different system, we have a whole new different coaching staff to help us get where we need to. Game one, we’re getting right and we’re going to use a lot more pressure.

« We’re all getting better at it, and I can’t wait. »

Last season, the Jaguars finished 30th in the NFL against the run and 31st in the sacks. With Meyer prioritizing home improvement, Jaguars has in recent months traded in a nose press from the Malcom Brown Saints of New Orleans, drafted Southern California nasal instruments Jay Tufele in Round 4, and signed Jihad Ward of the Baltimore Ravens and Roy Robertson-Harris of the Chicago Bears.

“We love playing with each other,” Allen said. « Even outside the field, we’re connected to each other and we stay in that unit. It’s all one. It’s not much of a separate goal. We all came together, we all figure out what we need to do, we all figure out how we’re going to do it, and so we just join and so we are going to communicate. It’s one big family and we’re just going to get better in a week and a week. I love this group. i think we’ll be shooting for the stars soon. « 

Allen’s 2020 season reflects in a way through the Jaguars. The team suffered a series of injuries and lost 15 consecutive games after a 1-week win over Indianapolis. When Allen made Pro Bowl a newcomer when he set the Jaguars newcomer record with 10.5 sacks, he left eight games in 2020 with a knee injury and finished with 2.5 sacks, making his focus for his third season clear and simple.

“For me personally, it’s about staying healthy,” he said. « It’s about being on the field for as long as I can and helping my teammates as much as I can. As long as I’m there on the field, I feel I can participate. The improvement from last year is just getting off the ball and having the same mentality with every click.

« I look forward to it, stay healthy, stay on the ground. »

Like many teammates in recent weeks, Allen praised the new culture at Meyer – who won three collegiate national championships during his 17-year college coaching career: “It’s now a win-win. It’s one of the most important things he preaches every day. year plan.This is the plan we are going to win the Super Bowl.We have a lot of guys who are motivated.We have a lot of guys who are ready to go out there and just put it on the line.We have coaches who do the same.We have coaches, with backs in. We just have to go there and play. That’s what I’m excited about with coach Meyer. I can’t wait to see it. « Add Allen, » It’s just an all-in mentality. If you’re not an all-in player, if you’re not not someone who wants to compete, who wants to get better not only for yourself, but also for your teammates … it’s a culture where we have to move forward, and we need to get guys who are willing to sacrifice, who are willing to win, and who are willing to give their all not only to themselves but also to their teammates. This is exactly what he brings from people and that is what players expect. « 

Allen: « It’s definitely just the beginning of the beginning. It’s the beginning of the beginning. We have not only a new coaching staff, but also a new team. We still have a young team, and we still have a team that is ready to go out. There and we compete in every play. As long as we continue to develop it, I think we will be fine. « 

▷ « We’re going right » – Fees
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