[GET] 7 great off-leash dog parks in Montreal to check out with your pooch – Review

The weather is getting toasty in Montreal, which means it’s primetime dog park season. As much as we want to run around in the nice weather, so too do our little (and big) pooches.

In the city of Montreal, dog parks are the only public spaces where dogs are allowed to run free off-leash.

Luckily, Montreal is home to more than 50 parks that are open year-round, in every borough.

According to the Ville de Montreal website, there are a few guidelines that every dog and owner must follow.

It’s prohibited to bring more than two dogs at a time to a dog park and they’re meant to be kept on their leash until they are inside the enclosed park.

Owners must immediately pick up the dog’s droppings and dispose of it in any nearby garbage can. Dogs that are considered dangerous, sick, or female dogs in heat are not permitted inside Montreal dog parks.

Dogs aren’t to be fed inside the enclosures, and the use of dog toys is to be carefully monitored as toys might promote competition or aggression with other pups.

With that in mind, here are a few dog parks in Montreal where you can let your pooch run around off-leash.

Percy-Walters Park

Located on the beautiful Dr. Penfield Avenue, Percy-Walters Park offers a massive and fully enclosed spot for dogs to really let loose. It’s one of the largest dog parks in the city and is popular amongst dog owners for its breathtaking views of the Montreal skyline.

Notre-Dame-de-Grace Park

Wedged between Sherbrooke and Girouard, NDG’s dog park is situated in the middle of the gorgeous Notre-Dame-de-Grace Park. The fenced-in spot offers plenty of room for your pooch to run along with a doggy water fountain and basic wood obstacle courses.

The park is located near a bevy of pet stores and veterinary hospitals as well.

Westmount High School


Tucked behind Westmount High School’s football field, this dog park is ideal for dogs who aren’t the most social. As opposed to Notre-Dame-de-Grace Park and Percy-Walters Park, the dog park at Westmount High is better for dogs who don’t play well with others because it’s quite secluded.

The 12-feet-high fences might make you and your dog feel like you’re in Jurassic Park, but its water fountain and sandy terrain is ideal for running, chasing, and digging.

Outremont Dog Park

Located in Outremont (on the corner of Rue McEachran and Rockland), this dog park has a large green space bordered by trees. There’s plenty of space to run, seating for owners, lights at night, and shelter in case of bad weather.

Laurier Park

Found in the trendy Mile End, Laurier Park is a very popular dog park. The fenced-in location gives your dogs ample places to run and the park is close to a bevy of cafes and restaurants in case dog owners want a little treat as well.

Dog Park Parc La Fontaine

Located in the historic La Fonataine Park, this giant doggy park is ideal for big and small dogs who really want to let loose and get sprinting. It’s fully enclosed and offers great sights of greenery and smells for your pooches.

Murry Hill Park

Located at the top of Murray Hill in Westmount, this park has sand and gravel terrain in case you want to give your dog an alternative to grass. It also has plenty of obstacles, seating, and water fountains to keep your furry little friend cool.

It also offers great views of the South Shore of Montreal.

[GET] 7 great off-leash dog parks in Montreal to check out with your pooch – Review
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