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Carts Guru has raised $3.3M in total. We talked with David Laloum, its CEO.

How would you describe Carts Guru in a single tweet?

Carts Guru is a game-changing tool for any e-commerce business. We optimize and synchronize every aspect of your online marketing strategy into one intuitive solution, simplifying the process while increasing your profits

How did it all start and why?

I’ve been working with co-founder and CTO Maxime Pruvost since he was just a young graduate. That was ten years ago now, time sure does fly. Before starting Carts Guru in 2017, we created a company that provided e-merchants with sales and performance software to manage customer relationships. This was when we first came into contact with the issue of conversion rate optimization, and we started throwing around ideas about building a solution for this prevalent problem. 

We noticed pretty quickly that cart abandonment was something a lot of e-merchants were struggling with and took it upon ourselves to create a product that tackled this issue. The result: Carts Guru version one, a multichannel retargeting software for e-merchants. 

Since the beginning, the idea was always to expand far beyond just cart-abandonment. But before we could do this, we wanted to create a simple but highly scalable product to solve an ever-present problem and prove ourselves within the industry. 

After two successful years retargeting abandoned carts, this had been accomplished. So, we widened the scope and set out to create an all-in-one multichannel marketing automation solution for e-commerce. I’m proud to say that this too has been achieved, with the new Carts Guru. 

What have you achieved so far?

It’s been a huge first three years for us. We essentially started as just Max and I, now we have teams in Barcelona and San Francisco with a total of 46 employees – and that number’s increasing every day. Earlier this year we upgraded to a new office in the heart of Barcelona that will be the perfect new home for us to continue growing the team. Our clientele has grown just as rapidly, if not more so, and we’re working with over 1000 companies already. 

But our biggest achievement so far has to be the creation of our new product. It’s a huge step up from the original Carts Guru, helping e-merchants build a fully-automated online marketing strategy, across multiple channels, from start to finish, all in one place. 

How will you use your recent funding round?

In April of this year, we raised $1mil in funding, bringing the total amount of seed funding we’ve received this year to $2.39 mil. This has already been used in upgrading to our new Barcelona office, hiring new employees to grow our team, and, of course, in the creation of our new product. 

Out of these, the new product has easily been the biggest development for us at Carts Guru. The jump between a cart-retargeting tool to an all-in-one marketing automation solution is massive, and it’s required so much effort from absolutely in the company, our San Francisco tech-team in particular.

They’ve managed to scale the original, rather simple software, into a tool that will allow e-merchants to build and follow their customers’ journey, across multiple marketing channels, from acquisition to conversion and beyond. And that’s no easy task.

What do you plan to achieve in the next 2-3 years?

Honestly, we plan on distinguishing ourselves as the go-to e-commerce SaaS solution for marketing automation in Europe, the US and beyond. Now that our new product has been launched, that’s looking like a real possibility.

The new Carts Guru will broaden our scope and increase our influence in the e-commerce world. We will be providing businesses with everything they need for a seamless, synchronized, all-in-one marketing campaign, assisting them with every stage. 

With the new Carts Guru, e-merchants can treat their customers as individuals. They can segment their audiences and use customizable multichannel workflows to ensure that the right message is received by the right person, at the right time, and on their preferred channel of communication. 

E-merchants are then able to analyze the metrics of these campaigns in real-time, on one dashboard, so they know immediately what’s working and what’s not, and can react instantly to grow their company in the most efficient way.

It’s these features that really distinguish our new product from anything else in the market, so really, the possibilities are endless. 

A big part of our plan for the next 2-3 years is expanding on a global level. This means both increasing the presence of our product in growing international markets, as well as physically opening up new offices in different parts of the world to really expand our reach. We’ll also continue to grow our influence in the European and US markets. 

Once we’ve done that, asserting ourselves as global leaders in the industry sounds pretty good to me. 

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[GET] Carts Guru, advanced marketing automation for e-merchants – Reviews
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