[GET] Fly over a volcano: FlyOver Hawaii coming to FlyOver Canada this summer – Reviews

After experiencing “Hawaii from Above,” you may be left with an urge to hop on a plane to the Hawaiian islands for your first post-pandemic international trip.

The reopening of FlyOver Canada at Canada Place just in time for the start of summer will feature a new flying ride over Hawaii’s surreal landscapes.

Passengers will soar over seascapes, waterfalls, cliffs, lush forested mountains, and even Kualoa Ranch Jurassic Valley, made famous by a certain dinosaur film. For the first time ever, the FlyOver attraction will even dive deep underwater, taking passengers through reefs following a school of sharks.

The ride even epically glides low over an active volcano, expelling a stream of molten red lava.

All of these visual treats are accompanied with winds and mists while the ride rolls, ascends, and dives into the scenery.

flyover canada hawaii

Hawaiian decor in the waiting area at FlyOver Canada for “Hawaii from Above.” (Kenneth Chan/Daily Hive)

The “Hawaii from Above” ride film first premiered in early 2020 at the FlyOver America attraction at the Mall of America in Minnesota, and this is its first showing in Vancouver.

FlyOver Canada has been temporarily closed since early December 2020 to comply with local health regulations.

The entire FlyOver Canada experience featuring Hawaii from Above, including the pre-show showcasing the traditions of the islands, is roughly 30 minutes in duration.

Operators have implemented health safety measures, including heightened cleaning and physical distancing, which is provided by limiting capacities per ride and providing spacing between groups by reserving empty ride seats.

All visitors must wear a mask at all times, and temperature checks will be performed before guests have access to the ride.

FlyOver Canada – Hawaii from Above

When: June 18 to August 15, 2021
Where: 999 Canada Place, Canada, Vancouver, BC
Tickets: Available on-site or online. Booking online beforehand is advised.

[GET] Fly over a volcano: FlyOver Hawaii coming to FlyOver Canada this summer – Reviews
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