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Regarding “Proof of vaccine barred in Texas,” (A1, June 8): So “individual rights always trump corporate and business rights”? Not too sure about that anymore. What about the Supreme Court decision in 2018’s case saying the bakery could refuse service if they please (Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission)? Where is the consistency? Sounds to me like folks want to have their cake and eat it too.

Joanne Murphey, Nassau Bay

Heartbeat bill

Regarding “Failure to lead: Legislature in a nutshell,” (A12, June 3): The Legislature had an opportunity to support the “values” they allege. Instead, Medicaid expansion failed, homelessness was criminalized, the age of juvenile responsibility was not increased, and both local control of our environment and improved air quality protections failed to pass. All of these directly impact the health and safety of the children they allegedly care about.

If the Legislature believes that women must be forced to give birth, men must now be forced to provide financial support beginning at the heartbeat determination. That should include all prenatal and postnatal medical and financial care to age 18.

Pregnancy is not a solo act. If they want to force women to give birth it’s time to force men to accept their responsibility from the beginning, not after some long and drawn out court fight.

[GET] Individual rights do not trump business rights – Best price
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