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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Canadian property management software company Tenantcube announces new investments from Girish Mathrubootham founder and CEO of Freshworks and Rob Dawson of Vensuris Group of Companies.

Andrews is the founder and CEO of Tenantcube, his association with Girish goes back a long way. Girish had hired Andrews right out of school and he was lucky to get trained by the master himself during his stint at Zoho. Girish then brought Andrews into Freshworks, becoming the seventh member. This association continued at Freshworks and has now cascaded to Tenantcube quite naturally. Andrews considers himself lucky to have a mentor like Girish.

Rob on the other hand is a serial entrepreneur in SaaS and real estate in Canada. Having founded, acquired, scaled and operated several companies across technology, software and commercial real estate, Rob brings a rich experience and tried-and-true entrepreneurial process to Tenantcube as a strategic advisor. Both Rob and Andrews recognize there is an extreme shortage of housing and efficient property management tools and want to proactively be part of the solution.

« I have always been in customer-facing roles in the SaaS industry, from ZOHO where I started my career to Freshworks where we grew rapidly into a unicorn, everyone talked about customer experience and we went out of our way to provide the best service to customers paying $150$200 every month, » says Andrews, Founder & CEO of Tenantcube. « I just gave it a little thought: tenants pay as much as $2,000 per month. Why shouldn’t they be given a world-class experience? All said and done, tenants are the core of the property management business. »

Tenantcube’s vision is to provide an amazing renting experience to landlords, property managers and tenants alike. Landlords and property managers digitalize the entire renting process on Tenantcube, from attracting tenants, screening them and signing a lease agreement completely digitally. What’s more, all documents can be stored online securely on Tenantcube making them accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time. Landlords save time and money and the user base is growing by the day. Just recently, Lauren McDonald, an accidental landlord, was able to rent her home within 3 days on Tenantcube.

« I would have spent nearly $3,000 by hiring a real estate agent to rent our home, » said Lauren. « With Tenantcube I was able to list my property in minutes, receive rental applications and easily sign our lease agreement online, all while having confidence that I was following the Ontario rental standards. The Tenantcube team helped me every step of the way and without them it would have not been possible », says Lauren.

« The Tenantcube platform was built with collaboration in mind. Landlords or property managers struggle with multiple products, and we wanted to simplify the process by integrating with other solutions to make it easy for our customers, » says Andrews.

Tenantcube is growing rapidly, adding customers every day with over 25 customers added since its launch a month ago. The team is moving full-steam-ahead adding additional features and value-added services to the platform to make life easy for landlords, property managers and tenants across North America.

About Tenantcube

Tenantcube is a property management platform that focuses on the renting experience for landlords, property managers and tenants. By simplifying and reducing the effort and time that goes into the mundane activities, the stress and risk factors are greatly reduced. Both tenants and landlords often feel overwhelmed with the prospect of the renting process, and Tenantcube makes it streamlined, and hassle-free for an elevated renting experience and paving the way for a good landlord tenant relationship. Follow on Linkedin

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[GET] Personal tenant problems lead founder to launch proptech startup Tenantcube, raises $250K from angel investors | News – Forum
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