[GET] Subbly changes – Review

We have huge news! Billing Engine Version 2.0 has been available for some time now for new users. However, we’ve now made the upgrade wizard available to the majority of users πŸŽ‰, and if you don’t have access yet, you will soon.

What does this mean? πŸ€”

Why I’m glad you asked!.. We put together an article explaining all of the benefits of Billing Engine Version 2.0, you can read that here.


Also please note, the deadline for upgrading is the 7th of July, as this is a mandatory upgrade. We really want to get some new features into your hands ASAP but we can’t until you make the switch.

Keep rocking on!

P.s. to all of those who are already on the new billing engine (70%+ of you and counting! 😍), thank you so much for making the switch.

[GET] Subbly changes – Review
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