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Your go-to resource for planning, buying and managing insight communities.

A comprehensive handbook for researchers, planners and consultants with expert advice, examples, toolkits and supplier listings.

Publication Date: March 2020

1. Know what you’re talking about

Learn the key differences between custom panels, CRM-linked survey platforms, co-creation communities, customer advisory boards and all the other types of community out there.

2. Get it right from the start

Follow a step-by-step framework for deciding if you really need an insight community after all. Know your alternatives and evaluate them objectively.

Understand the key benefits and risks of communities: know how to maximise your time and budget whilst anticipating roadblocks and hidden costs.

3. Plan your community properly

Learn from experts about the best ways to recruit, engage, incentivise, feed back and generate community insights.

Get tips for managing any stakeholders who need to be involved: legal, IT, privacy, CRM or brand teams.

4. Run it effectively

Get insider knowledge about running insight communities in a wide range of categories and demographics: from audience communities in media through niche advisory boards in finance to shopper panels in retail.

Be inspired and get more creative with your community research: read examples and case studies from around the world.

5. Choose the right partners

Get a comprehensive listing of specialist agencies and technology partners who can help build, manage and support your insight community.

[GET] SurveySparrow – Insight Platforms | Solutions for Research and Analytics – Best price
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