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This is my opinion based on doing charts and picking people’s brains which is one of my hobbies. They are not in order of difficulty.

1.Chiron conjunct the ASC

Almost all cases of this has been severe bullying. The closer the degree, the worse.

2, Mercury combust the Sun( 1-5 degree orb)

These natives take everything OH so personally. Dealing with them is like dealing with a sunburn. Here, every degree counts. The people with the 4-5 degree orb are very different than those with the exact to 2 degree orb.To put it simply, you have to walk on eggshells around these people.

3. The Moon conjunct Dejanira

This would be my top worst placement. Every case but one has been a person with BPD. The one that was not had severe abuse, including sexual. This aspect seems to fragment a person. It is very sad and the single saddest placement I ever see in the chart.

4. Sun conjunct Saturn

This can severely hamper self confidence. It instills a core level of self doubt and insecurity. Again, the orbs are key. An exact conjunction would be very intense. An orb of 5 degrees or more would be ambient.

5. Nessus conjunct the ASC or North Node

In each case, Nessus breathes down the neck of these people, such that they will be abusers until/if they get a hold of it. Only true spiritual measures will work, in my opinion.

6. The Child Asteroid Conjunct Dejanira

This aspect is Moon conjunct Dejanira “light”. It is the same kind of aspect but the abuse seems to be less severe.

7. Water Void

The Water Void is the hardest Void, in my opinion. Subtext is what you pick up under the surface with your emotional radar. Subtext is the central player in most communication.The Water Void misses MUCH subtext. Hence, they don’t seem to have satisfying relationships and don’t really know why. Low water is a less intense version of this. Low water would be generational planets in water.

8 Neptune conjunct the Sun

This often is the aspect of addiction. Neptune weakens the solidity of the self. It weakens the boundaries of the self. This is very painful and addictions often result.

9. Uranus square Mercury

I would put this aspect right up there with Moon conjunct Dejanira for difficulty. This aspect can make the person lose touch with reality. Do all people with this aspect do such? NO. However, it is an aspect that makes one more predisposed . The opposition would be the same effect except much easier.

10. 12th House Planets

This is one of the hardest things to have in the chart–bar none. It is because the planets are in their own world and it is not this earth plane one. Every native with 12th house planets must fight a hard fight. It differs with each planet. Jupiter is the easiest. It is said to provide one with Divine Providence in accidents and other such dangerous situations. However, all other 12th House planets are hard. Some are harder than others. I have many articles on 12th house planets, so will refer you to those for specifics.

[GET] The Ten Worst Astrological Placements – Fees
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