[GUIDE] December Weather in Denver: How We Stacked Up – Review


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Denver is typically a cold month and a rather snowy month, but December 2019 was rather warm and pretty dry compared to what is normally expected.

December in Denver is typically a rather cold month with an average temperature of just 30.0 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also pretty snowy during December when we normally pick up just over 8 inches of snow. December 2019 however, was warmer and drier than normal.


Denver International Airport recorded an average temperature of 33.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which puts the Mile High City 3.7 degrees F above our normal. You may remember the pre-Christmas warmth where Denver saw high temperatures in the 60s! Those temperatures were about 15-25 degrees warmer than typical and a big reason why we ended the month warmer than average. 

We did have some very cold days, but not as many as you’d think. Denver’s average low temperature for the month of December is 17.1 degrees F, but this past December, Denver saw an average low temperature of 22.1 degrees F putting us five degrees warmer than normal.


Denver Internation Airport recorded 0.30 inches of precipitation throughout the entire month. This is only slightly less than normal, which is 0.35 inches. Snowfall in Denver was scarce and hard to find this month. Compare that to the previous months where we saw a lot of snow … December recorded 2.8″ of snow officially and that fell in one storm. The average snowfall we see during the month of December usually comes in around 8.7 inches. So, we were nowhere close to that.

With that said, our season total so far this water season is sitting at 29.0 inches. Normally through December, Denver will record around 20.8 inches of snow, so we are still running above normal in the snow department regardless of the lack of December snow we received. 

Overall, December was a mediocre weather month in Denver. As we head deeper into January you can expect over a half of a foot of snow with an average temperature of 30.7 degrees F.

[GUIDE] December Weather in Denver: How We Stacked Up – Review
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