[GUIDE] Five Best APIs to Use for Business in 2020 – Best price

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APIs are essential for businesses. An application programming interface is a set of tools, routines, and protocols used in software applications. An API basically allows different applications to communicate with each other. Think of them as the messenger between applications. Each has a pre-established set of actions it can accomplish. But not every API can do everything you want in one place.

Whether your business needs to connect to customers, promote a product, enable online payment, or analyze data, there is an API that can help you reach your goals. Here are the best ones to use for business in 2020.


SendGrid’s APIs improve the deliverability of emails and enable you to access information like spam reports, unsubscribes, and bounces. SendGrid has various APIs available to suit your business needs. They include the following:

  •   The RESTful V3 API provides you with tools like email template management, IP address management, TLS enforcement, and unsubscribe management.
  •   Mail Send V3 enables you to send emails via the mail send endpoint.
  •   The Marketing Campaigns API allows you to manage marketing emails, identities, and lists, and schedule delivery events.

SendGrid’s emails APIs can also parse the email bodies and attachments from your incoming emails and post them on your web application. Additionally, SendGrid can send real-time notifications about occurrences on the SendGrid system to a URL. You can find more useful emails APIs here.


This API accepts payments online, which is a necessity for any type of business. Stripe provides functionality for sending invoices and processing payments, and management for account information and subscription billing. The tools can be used for e-commerce sites, on-demand marketplaces, and subscription services. When you use Stripe’s digital mobile wallets, your customers can easily use their online account details to pay with their mobile devices via clicking on a button on your website. No card details are actually provided, which makes Stripe a convenient and secure method of payment for your customers.


By understanding your customer base better, you can target consumers better and drive more sales. Clearbit’s API allows you to identify prospects and personalize transactions and marketing interactions. The Clearbit API stack includes tools for contact prospecting, contact discovery, data enrichment, and more.

The Shotzr Image API

Connecting with potential customers is increasingly becoming a visual experience online. With Shotzr’s Image API, you can integrate more than 72 million royalty-free photographs, on-demand photos, and private single-client content with your business. This is perfect for using visuals on websites and apps, and for email and ad campaigns.                                          

LinkedIn Marketing Developer

Every business knows that LinkedIn is the go-to-site for connecting with active and influential professionals. But if you explore LinkedIn profiles manually, it will be an extremely exhausting and never-ending process. The LinkedIn Marketing Developer can help. It enables you to generate leads, build relationships using targeted sponsored content, and raise brand awareness. Your company is bound to enhance its digital marketing capability by using this API.


[GUIDE] Five Best APIs to Use for Business in 2020 – Best price
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