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Blue Bloods: Jamie Reagan Blue Bloods spoilers tease that fans had positive reactions to Jamie Reagan’s (Will Estes) avenging Eddie Janko-Reagan’s (Vanessa Ray) attacker in the most recent episode of Blue Bloods, called “Guardian Angels”.

Blue Bloods Spoilers – A Nasty Bully Perp Took Punches At Cops, Including Eddie Janko-Reagan

Blue Bloods viewers will recall from the episode that a nasty bully perp named Tommy Simms (Ed Squires) was using law enforcement as punching bags, including Eddie! She and her partner, Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) witnessed Simms in action, and Witten and another officer wanted to fight back.

Eddie didn’t think that was appropriate for law enforcement to join in on a beat down of the thug and she put a stop to it. As for Simms, he was arrested but he didn’t stay behind bars for very long and was soon released. Then he came after Eddie when she was leaving the police station to go home and was getting into her car.

Simms gave her a black eye and a busted lip, and the Reagan family was shocked to see how her face looked that night at the family dinner! They started arguing amongst themselves about the new bail laws, which obviously weren’t effective in stopping criminals, and she told them to stop the arguments. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) apologized to Eddie, explaining that the collateral damage that sometimes happens in police work usually doesn’t show up for dinner! Jamie, understandably, was very upset and his older brother Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) told him not to blame himself for not protecting Eddie when she left the station. Jamie disagreed, since he isn’t only Eddie’s husband, he’s her supervisor at work.

Blue Bloods Spoilers – Jamie Reagan’s Takedown Of Tommy Simms

Danny had reminded Jamie that he doesn’t roll that way, and Jamie asked Danny what he would have done had that been his late wife, Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson). Danny admitted that in the old days he would have thrown Simms off a roof, but things have changed and law enforcement cannot be violent towards offenders. Danny reiterated that Jamie shouldn’t make Eddie’s beatdown personal.

Later on Blue Bloods, Tommy showed up when Jamie and Eddie were together, and Eddie just wanted to ignore the bully and turn back. Jamie, however, told her Tommy had a beating coming and he went up to Tommy and his buddies. He told Tommy that the information he gave the police so that he could walk all checked out.

But then Jamie told a couple of little white lies that he knew would enflame Tommy’s associates in crime, and told him that Tommy had ratted out the drug dealers amongst them, and as expected, they were not happy to hear that! As Eddie and Jamie walked away, Tommy’s so-called friends started giving him a beatdown! Blue Bloods fans sounded off on social media as to how happy they were with how Jamie handled the situation.

One sounded off on Instagram about Jamie “taking care of business” and another agreeing that he’d learned some lessons from his older brother, citing that Danny would have certainly found a way to outsmart an attacker without going after him himself. Another remarked on how Jamie was both a protective Sergeant and a husband. Since they don’t work together that much anymore with his promotion and their being married, it was a sweet and rare moment of mutual protection of each other for fans.

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[GUIDE] Jamie Reagan’s Revenge Impresses Fans – Avis
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