[GUIDE] Provide an even better candidate experience with SignEasy for Freshteam – Scam

Your candidate experience sets the tone for new and potential employees. Not only can it work wonders for your employer brand, a study by Brandon Hall Group also found that companies with strong vehicle experience can improve their retention rate by 82% among new tenants.

One of the best ways to achieve this brand is to modernize your built-in workflow. In fact, a recent Microsoft study revealed that 93% of millennia are looking for technological advancement when it’s time to choose an employer.

With this integration, you can take full advantage of SignEasy features on the Freshteam platform by taking the included vehicle and HR documents online for a streamlined, lightning-fast experience. This new integration delights leading companies looking for remote control holistically.

Digitize HR processes end to end

That’s the ultimate help: first, Freshteam distributes candidates from multiple platforms with your payroll team. Then, once you’ve found the right fit, you can expand your offer letter Using SignEasy. They don’t have to print anything or even create an account – all they need is an eSign quote and they’ll be hired!

The next step is start getting up. While this process typically progresses in the meeting room on the first day of a new rental, you can now release this time so they can get to know the team and settle down.

You can submit all required forms, compliance documents and NDAs to sign with SignEasy Freshteam integration and receive signed copies in minutes. If the candidate moves a bit slowly, just use integration send them a reminder sign their documents. Then you can print and save paper versions, but you can save them in one location using Freshteam. See it in action here.

Why use SignEasy integration with Freshteam?

In addition to adding powerful features to an already known and loved platform, here are a few great reasons to install SignEasy integration on Freshteam.

– Better staff and candidate experience: When you take printing and scanning out of the equation and replace them with simple digital workflows with contactless contracts, everything goes better.

– Close the talent bus faster: With e-signatures, you can close a contract with new talent as soon as you find a suitable match, and attract the best candidates with the advantage of technology.

– Fully secure remote rental: Successful recruitment of new employees remotely using legal e-signatures and a document-specific verification path generated by SignEasy.

Want to bring document workflows into the digital age? We offer a 40% discount on SignEasy for Freshteam customers for a limited time!

In addition, SignEasy customers receive a 15% discount on Freshteam on all plans.

[GUIDE] Provide an even better candidate experience with SignEasy for Freshteam – Scam
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