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Finally, all the photos you need for everyday marketing. Shotzr connects businesses to a global network of professional photographers to source high-quality, targeted imagery for use in Digital Marketing.
Use Shotzr stock images in Digital Marketing for:
Social Media Posts and Ads
Websites & Web Design
Graphic Design Projects
Display and Email Marketing
Email Newsletters
Blog Posts
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
Real Estate Listings
Shotzr stock images are:
– No more searching through libraries of generic stock photography!
– Easily download images to your device or share them directly to your connected apps and social accounts.
– If you need specific images, you can simply make a request and our on-demand network of photographers will respond.
-Access our network of on-demand photographers to get professional photos of your everyday events.
– All images are hi-res and include licensing for Digital Marketing use. Additional up licensing is available by request.
Subscription Details:
Subscription Purchase has been deprecated from mobile as contents are now free to download.

[GUIDE] Shotzr by Shotzr, Inc. – Avis
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