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The Cup Distractor offered Fantasy Premier League managers a welcome leave after a busy celebration. It also gave them plenty of time to plan, which is an important milestone for the season.

Gameweek 18 is the first big empty week of the season, with only six games played during it. This will be followed by a double game week of 19, with 12 teams playing twice.

Add uncertainty associated with certain furniture to the complexity of the design. Tottenham, who was scheduled to face off at Aston Villa GW 18, is now playing Fulham because of a Covid-19 outbreak in Villa.

In the current situation, no other GW 18 match is under threat, but there are doubts about certain GW 19 matches.

But it is always better to deal with the problem in front of you and not look too far ahead. Gameweek 18, with 12 teams, is tricky and brings with it its own challenges. On the team front, however, some great teams have attractive matches that will allow for a big appeal this week of play if you play right.

Difficulty fixing

GW 18 empty and double game weeks, respectively, means the match difficulty index, but also the number of GW 18-19 matches of the team played by the teams, which the managers must take into account. This will help you decide how you want to use your chips in GW 18 and 19.

Teams with three games in the series GW 18 and 19: Fulham, Burnley, Manchester City and Manchester United.

These teams choose the most players because they play not only in GW 18 but also twice in GW 19. Among these teams, Man City has the best matches followed by United.

Teams not playing in GW 18: Chelsea, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Southampton, West Ham and West Brom.

These teams do not play in GW 18, so the players in these teams will not have a match in GW 18.

Teams with two games GW 18 and 19: Brighton, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Everton, Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Tottenham, Wolves.

These teams have furniture like during normal weeks of play. Two North London clubs will have distinctive games in the coming weeks and should be considered by FPL leaders.

Lamp difficulty values

Team * Combined difficulty level GW 18-20 GW 18 opponent (January 12) GW19 opponent GW20 opponent
Arsenal 8 (3, 2, 3) CRY (H) NEW (H) I AM)
Aston Villa 10 (0, 3.5, 2) AS EVE (H), MCI (A) BUR (A)
Brighton 10 (5, 3, 2) MCI (A) READ (A) FULL (K)
Burnley 15 (4, 3,5, 3) MUN (K) WHU (A), LIV (A) AVL (height)
Chelsea 9 (0, 2,4, 3) AS FULL (A), LEI (A) WOL (K)
Crystal Palace 11 (3, 5, 3) ARS (A) MCI (A) WHU (K)
Everton 10 (3, 3, 4) WOL (A) AVL (A) LEI (height)
Fulham 9 (4, 4, 4, 2) TOT (A) CHE (H), MUN (H) BHA (A)
Leeds 8 (0, 2,3, 3) AS SOU (H), BHA (H) NEW (A)
Leicester 10 (0, 3, 4, 3) AS SOU (H), CHE (H) EVE (A)
Liverpool 10 (0, 4, 2, 4) AS MUN (H), BUR (H) TOT (A)
Man in the city 10 (2, 3, 3, 2) BHA (H) CRY (H), AVL (H) WBA (A)
Man Utd 10 (2, 5, 2, 2) BUR (A) LIV (A), FULL (A) SHU (H)
Newcastle 7 (2, 3, 2) SHU (A) ARS (A) LEE (height)
Sheffield Utd 10 (2, 4, 4) NEW (H) TOT (H) EGG)
Southampton 10 (0, 4.3, 3) AS LEI (H), LEE (H) ARS (height)
Spurs 8 (2, 2, 4) FULL (K) SHU (A) LIV (height)
West Brom 10 (0, 3, 3, 4) AS WOL (A), WHU (A) MCI (height)
West Ham 7 (0, 2, 2, 3) AS BUR (H), WHU (H) CRY (A)
Sudet 9 (3, 2, 4) EVE (height) WBA (height) AND (A)

Large in and out

With Manchester City having a tasty running game and being heavily involved in the next two GWs, it’s no surprise to see Kevin de Bruyne lead the most shifted charts. Newcastle’s Callum Wilson has also been asked as Magpies face people like Sheffield United. The players on the teams operating in GW 18 are apparently high as FPL leaders try to get the maximum number of active players in front of GW 18.

Most of the transferred players before GW 18

Location Player club
MID De Bruyne MCI
FWD Wilson NEW
DEF Tierney ARS
MID Fernandes MUN

No match, no joy for Mohamed Salah, who was surprisingly the most transferred player. His poor recent form may also have played a role, but with a double home in GW 19, it’s certainly risky. The absence of Dominic Calvert-Lewin and the recent drop in points have led FPL leaders to switch him to a better outlook. Jamie Vardy, who also has an empty week, is on the way out of the FPL teams.

Most transferred (out) players before GW 18

Location Player club
FWD Calvert-Lewin EVE
FWD Bamford LEE

Chip Strategy: Free Hit or Not?

Free Hit, a chip that allows you to make a new team for only one specific GW, is the most popular choice for the chip used in GW 18 because it had unusually fewer matches. If you select that utility, it is customized for such GWs. The Free-Hit chip can give you a big advantage over other FPL leaders who may not have a full quota of players.

However, the disadvantage of using a chip in GW 18 is that a limited number of players are available, and it is likely that all FPL leaders may end up in a fairly similar lineup. In addition, the Free Hit chip can be better utilized in a game week with more potential for high scores than GW 18, which can be a much low score.

Ultimately, the decision depends on the appearance of your team. If you can even raise 7-8 players to GW 18, it would be wise to save your Free Hit game, but if you’re trying to level up half the page, it makes sense to go to Free Hit and take full advantage of it.

Top selections from Gameweek 18

Whether you’ve brought them through transfers or (thankfully) got on your team, these are the five hottest choices on GW 18:

Harry Kane (Tottenham): The Spurs leader has three assists and two goals in his last three home games, and against the Fulham teams he can continue the overtime. Fulham have conceded five penalties in the league so far (only Leeds and Brighton have conceded more) and Kane is an important player in penalty positions at GW 18.

Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United): United face the threat of a drop in Burnley and with the incentive to rise to the top of the Premier League table they can be really ready for this. Burnley has been good at home lately, but has fought against the Premier League big boys. Fernandes almost guarantees you a return and taking him on the team for this match doesn’t make sense.

Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City): City has made its clear goals last week by beating Chelsea and Manchester United. In both of those games, the Belgian got into great attacking positions, suggesting he’s had a little more freedom lately. The KdB is bound to get against the Brighton side, which leaks a lot of goals against big teams.

Callum Wilson (Newcastle United): Choosing the most promising player for the team playing Sheffield United has been a good trick this season. Wilson, who is a proven goal scorer in PL, stands out from the lack of alternatives. He already has eight goals and four assists under his belt, and he can be a good choice in your front line for GW 18.

Joao Cancelo (Manchester City): Cancelo is a defender and will come back if the City keeps clean sheets of what they have done regularly late. But in recent weeks, he has almost acted at times as an offensive midfielder and found himself in really promising positions. He’s also a bit of a bonus magnet, making him the best player of the week.

Top GW 18 differential selections:

Emile Smith-Rowe (Arsenal): The young man has come from scratch to nail the starting point to Mikel Arteta. Smith-Rowe steals £ 4.4 million when he has three assists in so many Premier League games and a goal in the FA Cup. Only 2.8% of executives own, and he or she can make a difference in your FPL team.

Ben Davies (Tottenham): The left has influenced Jose Mourinho and gets regular minutes with Spurs. Paint shy against Fulham, he has a good chance of collecting clean sheet points. He also assisted Spurs ’goal at Wolves recently and also collected a bonus. With a stake of 1.8%, he has good differential potential and is also a cheap option at £ 4.6 million.

Ilkay Gundogan (Manchester City): The former Dortmund midfielder has always been on the lookout for a goal, but playing as a more conservative midfielder in Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, he hasn’t been among the goals much. But that seems to be changing, as the German have three goals in his last four matches when he takes a lot of offensive on the field. His 2.5% stake is the city’s most important asset.

Captains meeting

This week, the captain’s decision is the hardest with so many good candidates. Since most FPL managers are unlikely to have a full quota of players, getting a captain selection decision is crucial. Bruno Fernandes, Kevin de Bruyne, Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are all attractive options. The City is in good shape and the KdB can get a huge bet if the City collects five or six goals, as in its home country quite often. However, the coherence of Fernandes, Son, and Kane is hard to ignore.

However, Fernandes has almost made progress in the fight, as statistics show he has been the best FPL player in the last 12 months. As United chases the top spot, expect him to lead by example and take United to all three points in Turf Moor. He is also a nailed starter, which cannot be said of De Bruyne. Fulham has improved a bit in recent weeks, so Spurs may not be collecting cricket results. So overall, Fernandes is the most attractive choice.

GPL18 FPL deadline: 22.00 IST, Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

[GUIDE] Teams with the best matches, players to buy and captain options – Demo
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